If you're thinking about vaping or are new to vaping, you might have some questions. "How do vape devices work?" is usually one of the first inquiries that curious smokers ask.

Vape devices are similar to humidifiers in how they work. When a liquid is heated, it vaporises.

RELX devices are designed with cutting-edge technology to provide a superior vaping experience. The battery, flavour pod, and atomizer are all important parts of the vape device.

The entire procedure takes only a few seconds. When you inhale, the device's sensor activates the power output, which causes the atomizer to start heating up the e-liquid, which is then instantly evaporated for you to inhale. When opposed to smoking cigarettes, there are no ashes, no tar, and, most importantly, no bad odours.

To evaporate e-liquid, heat is required during the vaping process. The heating elements required for the vaporisation process are contained in an atomizer. The atomizer is hidden within the flavour pod.

You start with a new atomizer every time you change the flavour pod. Some vapers experience leaking, however the risk of leaking is reduced when compared to open-system devices because a new atomizer is swapped out every few days. You can also read this post to learn why some devices leak e-liquid.

We employ ceramic in the atomizer as the wick to absorb the e-liquid in the RELX Infinity Pod. We also use cotton fibres in the atomizer of the newly introduced RELXPods.

Both atomizers have their unique set of advantages, so let's take a look at the RELX Infinity Pod first.

The RELX Infinity Pod has a ceramic atomizer, as previously stated. Because the atomizer vaporises the e-liquid, why is ceramic used?

Ceramic is a porous material that can be fired to high temperatures. The e-liquid equally soaks into the ceramic in the flavour pod, and when you inhale, the atomizer heats up to the proper temperature and is properly distributed. As a result, each puff maintains a level of flavour constancy from the first to the last.

The RELX Infinity Pod releases the full-bodied flavour entirely. This is especially effective with flavours that are best enjoyed in their whole.

If you try Fresh Red with the RELX Infinity Pod, for example, you'll notice that the flavour hits you all at once and fills your tongue. Fresh Red has a pure flavour profile with powerful overtones, and the RELX Infinity Pod is the right fit to bring out its complete and original flavour.

In the atomizer of RELXPods, there is a cotton wick. To vapourize the e-liquid, raw cotton fibres are soaked in it and heated without burning.

So what's the deal with cotton?

It's all about the experience, really.

When using a cotton atomizer, the temperature rises gradually and the vapour becomes somewhat warmer. Unlike a ceramic atomizer, which warms the e-liquid all at once to unleash a full flavour, RELXPods or cotton fibre atomizers release the flavour layer by layer.

The vapour is nice and warm, and each puff reveals new flavours. RELXPods provide a more dynamic experience for flavours that have been developed to deliver multiple flavour notes.

For example, when you take a puff of Rich Tobacco, you'll detect nutty overtones first, followed by smokiness. Each puff will provide a different sensation.

It's entirely up to you.
Both the RELX Infinity Pod and the RELXPod can be utilised as a RELX Essential Pod and a RELX Infinity Pod. And, of course, both will provide you a fantastic vaping experience every time you use them.

We know our flavours at RELX, which is why some will be available in the RELX Infinity Pod and others in the RELXPod. Each flavour we introduce is designed to provide a more realistic taste and enjoyable experience.

Each puff will be Super SmoothTM, regardless of the atomizer or flavour you choose. Our vape devices are equipped with RELX's patented technology, which gives them a fantastic mouthfeel.

Try both types of pods to see which one is your favourite.

RELX's goods are more than just vaping accessories. They're cutting-edge vaping devices that represent the next wave of technology. Vaping beginning kits are also available from RELX for those looking to quit smoking. To give you with a reliable and stylish alternative to cigarette smoking, our vaping equipment and products blend attractive and modern designs with revolutionary, next-generation technology.